Lynden Street House

Lynden Street House Installer: Concept Cladding Cladding profile: Interlocking and Standing Seam Material: COLORBOND® Steel Surfmist® and COLORBOND® Steel Nightsky®

Robinson Street House

Robinson Street House Installer: Xenon Constructions Cladding profile: Standing Seam Material: Vestis Black Graphite aluminium dding

How to specify metal cladding part two: Feasibility 

In Part One of this blog series we looked at ways to start your cladding journey, focusing on inspiration and discovery. With a firm idea of what appeals, the next step towards specification is to explore the real world feasibility of metal cladding on your project. While metal facades can be durable and long lasting, just like many other building products, there are limitations. To avoid over complicating this specification phase, we’re going to focus on

How to specify metal cladding part one: Where to start

With materials catering to different project budgets and systems with flexible dimensions and panel capabilities, metal cladding is an ideal commercial and residential facade solution.   Metal cladding is an appealing external finish. However the specification process and more importantly creating correct specifications, can be confusing. While generic product nominations can be made, accurately documenting cladding materials, systems, manufacturers, and even in some cases installers, will ensure drawn details can become a built reality. Within the Metal Cladding Systems range alone there are

Napier Street Apartments

Napier Street Apartments Installer: Unique Metal Cladding Systems Cladding profile: Horizontal Interlocking Material: Vestis Black Graphite aluminium

Nyrang Street House

Nyrang Street House Installer: Architectural Metal Precision Cladding profile: Interlocking Material: COLORBOND® Steel Dune®

Snaplock cladding helps Monash University’s new Science Lab camouflage with nature

Located within Jock Marshall Reserve, Clayton, and designed by Harmer Architecture, Monash University’s new Biological Sciences Lab was one of 2017’s most exciting projects.   The lab features our Snaplock wall and roof cladding system in COLORBOND® Steel Metallic Rhea™. The panel production process for this project was particularly unique. Our Metal Cladding Systems’ production team fabricated the building’s roof panels on site. The design called for 24,000 mm long Snaplock roof panels, as so by producing panels onsite, the design was