JMB Modular Home

JMB Modular Home Installer: JMB Modular Building Cladding profile: Interlocking Material: Vestis Aluminium Nebula Midnight Photo Credit: JMB Modular Building

Nailstrip, the people’s cladding panel!

When simplicity and clean lines are consistently king, Nailstrip is a statement panel that has the best of both worlds. Resembling its popular European cousin, Standing Seam (we all have that cousin) Nailstrip is cost effective, easily installed and continues to be one of the most popular options among builders, beginner installers and architectural projects wanting a crisp finished look – without the fuss. If you’re tired of sheepishly nodding your head when Nailstrip is brought up, don’t worry! You’re

Willansby Avenue

Willansby Avenue Installer: Gunther ProjectsCladding profile: Interlocking and SnaplockMaterial: Vestis Aluminium Nebula Storm

Oil Canning – What’s the deal?

Oil canning is one of the most controversial aspects of metal cladding. Some people don’t mind the appearance of ripples, others can’t stand them. Regardless of personal opinion, one of the most popular questions asked of Metal Cladding Systems is, “how do I stop oil canning?” To answer the question on everybody’s lips, let’s take a close look at oil canning. Let’s explore what oil canning is, what causes it, and if there are any preventative measures we can take. What is

Mastering your Standing Seam specifications

Standing Seam is one of our most popular roof and wall cladding profiles. This architectural system can achieve high-end details, seamless roof to wall design and will bring the ultimate ‘wow factor’ to any project with its linear seam aesthetic. But how well do you really know Standing Seam? Sure, it’s specified widely and Standing Seam by Metal Cladding Systems is the building industry’s go-to for seamed cladding, but did you know Standing Seam offers the highest level of architectural flexibility?

Zintek, the new kid on the Australian zinc block

At Metal Cladding Systems, we’re all about options Profile options, pan span options, length options and of course material options! Adding to our already extensive range of metals, we are proud to introduce The Coloured Ones collection from Zintek. Zintek’s latest titanium zinc offering includes six unique and visually outstanding finishes. Imported via our sister business Architectural Metals Australia, The Coloured Ones range is currently available on special order. All six zinc finishes are available, but

Taking a closer look at Interlocking/V25

Interlocking panels have been supplied by Metal Cladding Systems on almost every type of project. From large scale commercial developments, through to small residential renovations, this profile has something to offer every project, big or small. The profile’s design provides extensive material variety, panel configuration flexibility, and lay direction options. Interlocking is the chameleon of Metal Cladding Systems’ product range. Let’s take a closer look at this adaptable facade profile and explore its key features, benefits and design value. What does an Interlocking