Aluminium’s increasing popularity is testament to its superior facade performance.

Aluminium is fast becoming a preferred roof and wall cladding material, and it’s not difficult to see why. With advancements in colour longevity and 3D surface textures, aluminium is able to offer creative project solutions. Aluminium is an affordable, lightweight alternative to traditional cladding materials, that doesn’t compromise on quality.

We source coated aluminium from Architectural Metals Australia (AMA). AMA are the exclusive Australian and New Zealand importers and distributors of Vestis pre-painted aluminium. Vestis uses an advanced high durability polyester coating, giving the material long lasting colour, UV resistance and a reproducible surface finish.

Vestis offers a unique colour palette, designed specifically for sheet metal cladding systems. Vestis’ surface thickness and hardness is optimal for architectural manufacturing work.

Pre-painted aluminium offers consistency of colour and appearance. The coil coating process is able to closely replicate finishes across different batches, without noticeable colour or pattern changes. This is helpful when working on projects with multiple stages and various tender packages.

Reliable on-shore stock is available from Melbourne based importer and distributor, Architectural Metals Australia.

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