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Metal Cladding Systems (MCS) have been folding metal for more than 30 years.

From day one, product has been backed by unparalleled customer service. We are market leaders in sheet metal facade systems. Superior craftsmanship, product knowledge and outstanding work ethic, has earned us this prestigious reputation.

Metal Cladding Systems, and sister company Bayside Flashing and Ventilations Pty Ltd., saw opportunity in the architectural application of rolled sheet metal for commercial and residential developments in the late 1990s. Commonly used for roofing, rolled sheet metal also makes a cost effective, low maintenance, wall cladding solution. Together we have been manufacturing sheet metal profiles for Melbourne’s most prestigious developments since 1986.

Metal Cladding Systems remains privately owned and operated by its founding family, who started the business some 30 years ago; providing peace of mind, care, quality and dedication to service, is still, and always will be central to the business.

If you’re looking for trusted metal cladding products, available in an extensive range of materials and profiles, delivered with second-to-none service levels, don’t be a stranger, contact us today.


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